Zohaib Khan
For Will County Coroner

If elected as your Coroner, I will Rebuild Trust, Restore Integrity and Reinforce Accountability. I will ensure that county's death investigations are science-based, autonomous and kept separate from county politics, because I believe in justice and equality for everyone. Previous Coroner retired 2 months before elections, so he can appoint his Deputy as an Interim Coroner. He bypassed all Will County voters and took away people's power to vote and elect Coroner through elections.
In 2019, Coroner’s annual budget was $2,011,103.94 and 51% was spent on Total Salaries, which is $1,029,653.76. Only $850 was utilized for Training and Continuing Education, which is 0.04 %, not even full 1%. It costs $850 to train 1 employee and with 17 full time employees at the Coroner’s office, I will make sure all of them are properly trained by allocating 1% of the budget, which is $20,000 annually, for Training and Continuing Education. I would also seek additional grant funding for the Coroner’s office and decline to take pension as an added cost-saving measure.

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About Khan

Zohaib Khan is a Will County resident from Plainfield, IL. He is a college graduate with Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management and Masters in Criminal Justice.

Being member of National Honor Society, Khan earned one of the highest distinction award of “Cum Laude” during his academic years.

Khan is proud to be the only candidate in this race with college education. Although Coroner’s office does not require medical qualification (Reference*), it does require Investigative Aptitude and Adjudication.

With Masters in Criminal Justice, Khan is fully prepared to deliver justice to Will County residents.

What sets him apart from other candidates is that he is not afraid to hold proper perpetrators accountable, whether it's the Mayor, States Attorney, Police Chief, Sheriff or a Common Person. In the eyes of the law, everyone is equal and nobody is above it.

The real issues with the Coroner's Office are not the Morgue Expansion or the Opioid Epidemic. The real issues are Trust, Integrity and Accountability that Khan will Rebuild, Restore, and Reinforce.

Write-in Zohaib Khan for Will County Coroner.

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